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Chat log: BSH is the one with sense, wtf? [Mar. 31st, 2009|12:22 am]
"All The King's Men" scrapbook


To summarise:

* Edrington's reboundy after Kitty dumps him (end of LSOS)
* He doesn't realise he's really falling for Archie
* Archie doesn't realise it with E either
* When it hits them both (like a brick) they try to hide it
* It's left for Bloody Stupid Horatio to sort them out. Oddly, this works somehow.
* In conclusion: Edrington is not as good at poly as he thinks he is.

10:24:05 PM commodorified: Ok, so we have this sort of self loathing thing on H's part and weird jealousy on E's.
10:24:19 PM commodorified: I feel E is being just unreasonably cool about things, actually.
10:24:36 PM commodorified: I mean, here's H. Pellew is all into him, if not literally.
10:24:58 PM commodorified: KITTY was into him. And he gets to be with Archie all the time.
10:25:08 PM damned_colonial: point.
10:25:15 PM damned_colonial: why haven't we even CONSIDERED this before?
10:25:19 PM commodorified: and he persists in acting as if E were somehow pissing on HIS cornflakes.
10:25:24 PM commodorified: Um. We were young?
10:25:30 PM damned_colonial: we've been acting like E's the grownup and totally chill about everything.
10:25:36 PM damned_colonial: he's not actually that grown up.
10:25:44 PM commodorified: I know. Um. It was so dark, there were so many.
10:25:48 PM commodorified: he's younger than we are.
10:25:50 PM damned_colonial: we've written him as late 20s, IIRC.
10:25:51 PM damned_colonial: yes.
10:26:09 PM fairestcat: so possibly even younger than I am
10:26:11 PM damned_colonial: and, ok, i'm pretty chill with relationships, but i'm not THAT chill.
10:26:17 PM damned_colonial: he's about your age cat, i think
10:26:19 PM commodorified: yeah same here.
10:26:24 PM damned_colonial: he was 19 in '92
10:26:32 PM fairestcat: (I started to say, "not necessarily younger than I am) and then I realized I'm as late into the twenties as you can get)
10:26:34 PM damned_colonial: so that makes him 27 now, actually. yes, younger.
10:26:44 PM commodorified: He's BRAT'S age
10:26:48 PM damned_colonial: he is.
10:26:49 PM commodorified: Dear GODS
10:27:03 PM commodorified: right. not so chill.
10:27:06 PM damned_colonial: hang on.
10:27:13 PM damned_colonial: how was he written in ATKM?
10:27:23 PM damned_colonial: also, how much younger are archie and horatio?
10:27:26 PM commodorified: age or chill level?
10:27:27 PM damned_colonial: horatio was 17 in 1973
10:27:32 PM damned_colonial: so he's 3 years younger
10:27:34 PM commodorified: 1773 :-)
10:27:37 PM damned_colonial: chill level
10:27:41 PM damned_colonial: 1793
10:27:42 PM damned_colonial: augh
10:27:47 PM commodorified: yeah and Archie is I think a year or so younger yet.
10:27:57 PM damned_colonial: ok, so we have E=27, H=24, A=23
10:28:13 PM commodorified: Chill level in ATKM is highish, but then in ATKM everythig's going his way
10:28:18 PM damned_colonial: yes.

10:31:10 PM damned_colonial: ok so edrington's chill level in ATKM
10:31:24 PM commodorified: is high, but he's getting everything he wants.
10:31:29 PM damned_colonial: i can kind of see it as being a little bit pompous, almost
10:31:33 PM damned_colonial: if you think of him as being 26
10:31:33 PM commodorified: yep.
10:31:39 PM commodorified: well, he is a bit.
10:31:44 PM commodorified: also spoilt.
10:31:46 PM damned_colonial: "i am wise in the ways of poly. let me show you."
10:31:52 PM commodorified: uh-huh
10:31:54 PM damned_colonial: i SO did that in my early 20s.
10:31:57 PM commodorified: they're so CUTE at that age...
10:32:19 PM damned_colonial: i bet kitty knocked him down a peg
10:32:28 PM commodorified: well. I think a small one.
10:32:30 PM fairestcat: she better have
10:32:37 PM fairestcat: just for his own good
10:32:39 PM commodorified: by WT? yes.
10:32:48 PM damned_colonial: end of LSOS
10:32:51 PM commodorified: when he was a baby? not so much I suspect.
10:32:51 PM damned_colonial: which was RECENT
10:32:56 PM commodorified: yep. LSOS, oh yeah
10:33:02 PM damned_colonial: like, a couple of months ago
10:33:29 PM commodorified: oh this is MUCH better than H and A being the dysfunctional ones.
10:34:31 PM commodorified: So, Kitty dumped his ass basically because he threatened her independance.
10:34:35 PM commodorified: discuss. :-)
10:35:13 PM commodorified: the Lord Peter strain reintroduced...

10:39:37 PM damned_colonial: ok, so, kitty
10:39:49 PM damned_colonial: there were class issues there obviously
10:39:55 PM damned_colonial: kitty didn't want to be a kept woman
10:40:16 PM damned_colonial: what does that do to the way E relates to our boys? looping back to that conversation recently about who pays for what.
10:40:40 PM damned_colonial: i think it's going to make him low-key about how he entertains them, to some extent. which he is in WT.
10:40:54 PM damned_colonial: by his standards, they're totally camping out / roughing it.
10:41:31 PM fairestcat: heh, yeah
10:42:54 PM damned_colonial: as i count it, there are 7 servants
10:43:26 PM damned_colonial: two perkses (resident), two girls and a boy in from the village, weston, and turner.
10:48:11 PM fairestcat: which, yeah, roughing it by E's standards, not so much by H's
10:48:39 PM damned_colonial: yup.
10:48:56 PM damned_colonial: i suspect archie realises they're roughing it though
10:49:10 PM damned_colonial: i wonder what he thinks of it
10:49:24 PM damned_colonial: he might assume it was done for horatio's comfort
10:49:29 PM damned_colonial: if he were thinking, which he's not much.
10:50:06 PM commodorified: I suspect it goes right past him. He's the same sort of class. And if anything, I suspect he thinks that E wants them somewhere fairly remote because of Scenes.
10:50:11 PM commodorified: and such
10:51:26 PM damned_colonial: well, i'm just thinking
10:51:33 PM damned_colonial: when he stayed with E in ATKM and presumably any other time
10:51:37 PM damned_colonial: it would've been more upmarket

10:54:28 PM commodorified: damned_colonial; true. But only sort of. I mean, E stays in inns and such, like most officers, and he keeps things low keyish when he's got Archie about.
10:55:26 PM damned_colonial: *nod*
10:55:42 PM damned_colonial: ok, so, edrington's head is where exactly?
10:55:57 PM damned_colonial: he got his ass dumped recently
10:56:06 PM fairestcat: yeah, I almost suspect that with all the other fraught worrying he's doing, the fact that E's kind of roughing it intentionally goes completely over Archie's head
10:56:08 PM damned_colonial: this is probably the first time he's got back in the saddle since then
10:56:18 PM commodorified: damned_colonial: yeah.
10:56:22 PM damned_colonial: i mean, he's been busy with work
10:56:28 PM damned_colonial: and archie's been on blockade
10:56:36 PM damned_colonial: and he doesn't really have anyone else going on at the moment that we know of.
10:56:38 PM commodorified: And here's the Pissy BF messing with his chance to get some
10:56:45 PM commodorified: No, he doesn't AFAIK
10:56:52 PM fairestcat: but still, Kitty dumped his ass, there's got to be some fear that Archie will do the same
10:56:52 PM commodorified: I mean, does he even do whores?
10:57:05 PM commodorified: has he been catting around to Show Kitty?
10:57:06 PM damned_colonial: i think he does boys
10:57:16 PM fairestcat: just in that post-breakup doubts kind of way
10:57:37 PM commodorified: Cat: yeah. and of course he's Not getting In Deep, same reason.
10:57:38 PM damned_colonial: i think he doesn't much do female whores unless socially expected. more likely to have a mistress.
10:57:46 PM commodorified: damned_colonial: point.
10:58:18 PM damned_colonial: i mean, he probably did when he was younger (16-20ish)
10:58:24 PM damned_colonial: when he was out with the lads, etc
10:58:29 PM damned_colonial: we talked about that a bit while writing MMA
10:59:27 PM damned_colonial: i suspect in the last couple of months, he might've had a couple of --- whatever the equivalent of visiting the baths is
10:59:28 PM fairestcat: E's always struck me as the picks up relationships type rather than the picks up random people type
10:59:41 PM damned_colonial: cat: yes.
10:59:50 PM fairestcat: not that he doesn't do the second, but he's definitely more inclined towards the first
11:00:19 PM damned_colonial: but i also think there's something in the "visiting the bathhouse" experience that fits better than outright whoring
11:00:39 PM damned_colonial: it's probably friends/acquaintances of roughly similar social standing, but zipless fucks
11:01:14 PM commodorified: I think, yeah.
11:01:25 PM commodorified: like that lad he ran into at the theatre in LSOS
11:01:31 PM damned_colonial: yes, i was thinking of him
11:02:44 PM fairestcat: yeah
11:03:56 PM commodorified: So, does he actually realise at this point that he is seriously into Archie, or does he think he's being just Wise in the Ways of Poly here?
11:04:11 PM damned_colonial: i think... he realises. a little.
11:04:15 PM damned_colonial: not entirely. but a bit.
11:04:36 PM fairestcat: I think before LSOS he probably didn't realize it, since then there's maybe been some soul searching and the beginning of a clue
11:04:47 PM commodorified: at the beginning, or near the end? cat: point.
11:05:30 PM damned_colonial: right, exactly.
11:05:35 PM damned_colonial: so he's having these zipless fucks
11:05:51 PM damned_colonial: and he gets a letter from archie
11:06:02 PM damned_colonial: and he thinks YES.
11:06:05 PM commodorified: And sort of mad at himself for not having persuaded Kitty to marry him, but also kind of relieved, and sort of ashamed of this.
11:06:11 PM commodorified: damned_colonial: yeah
11:06:43 PM damned_colonial: i mean, he doesn't really think "what i need now is a deeper, more meaningful rebound relationship"
11:06:58 PM commodorified: no, I think he feels like it's a diversion and then he starts to clue in
11:07:12 PM damned_colonial: he just thinks, hell, i would really like to see him again. i should track him down when he's on leave.
11:07:34 PM damned_colonial: and, come to think of it, might be civil to invite his friend bloody stupid horatio too
11:07:51 PM damned_colonial: edward would probably want me to
11:08:06 PM damned_colonial: or... not want
11:08:08 PM damned_colonial: but
11:08:20 PM damned_colonial: wouldn't want me to hurt him.
11:08:48 PM commodorified: yeah, plus Archie SAYS he's going to make his own decisions, but really, if H keeps pressuring him, I get dumped.
11:08:55 PM commodorified: I dunno how aware of that bit he is
11:09:11 PM fairestcat: I think a bit, if only subconsciously
11:09:31 PM fairestcat: I really do suspect he's rather more worried than usual about the possibility of being dumped right now
11:09:45 PM damned_colonial: mmm
11:10:17 PM fairestcat: I mean twice in that short a period of time has got to be hard on even the most confident ego
11:10:22 PM commodorified: yep.
11:13:17 PM damned_colonial: so edrington's been muttering "it will be fine" to himself under his breath ever since they set out on this jaunt
11:13:53 PM commodorified: yep
11:13:57 PM damned_colonial: i *think* he's saying: "i am a grownup and can do poly stuff well enough that this won't explode in my face"
11:14:59 PM commodorified: yeah
11:15:13 PM damned_colonial: now, hmmm
11:15:25 PM damned_colonial: we don't actually have any evidence for this
11:15:30 PM commodorified: "and anyway, if I WANTED to push it I'd win. I am too nice a person to push it. ... right?"
11:16:00 PM damned_colonial: edrington, based on evidence so far, doesn't actually do all *that* well at poly
11:16:28 PM damned_colonial: he does OK at casual slutting around
11:16:34 PM damned_colonial: (well, more than OK)
11:17:02 PM damned_colonial: and he does OK at maintaining multiple low-level relationships
11:17:03 PM commodorified: and he doesn't mind sharing. well, at not asking. graciously. as long as it's clear he's being gracious.
11:17:44 PM damned_colonial: he shares, but we haven't seen him share anyone he's serious about
11:17:49 PM damned_colonial: AH
11:17:52 PM commodorified: yeah.
11:17:55 PM commodorified: oooh?
11:18:13 PM damned_colonial: he can share archie happily if he's not too serious about him
11:18:52 PM damned_colonial: i mean, he knows he can. he has history and experience backing him up on that.
11:18:56 PM fairestcat: ooh, yeaah
11:19:08 PM damned_colonial: and he had that chat with archie already
11:19:17 PM damned_colonial: a rather odd army captain. and an opera singer. and kitty.
11:19:18 PM fairestcat: so the part where he's gradually getting an inkling that he cares a lot about Archie is going to throw him for a bit of a loop
11:19:33 PM damned_colonial: cat: yes. and he's going to back off from that.
11:19:43 PM commodorified: and the horrid suspicion that actually it's Horatio sharing with HIM.
11:20:01 PM commodorified: min,d that bit is semi conscious at best.
11:20:08 PM damned_colonial: right, so through part 1 of WT at least, E is thinking that archie is one of his harem, and he's happy to share. really. truly.
11:20:31 PM commodorified: totally. SO under control.
11:20:35 PM damned_colonial: right.
11:20:37 PM damned_colonial: it'll be fine.
11:20:46 PM damned_colonial: as long as he can charm horatio
11:20:48 PM damned_colonial: which he can.
11:21:09 PM fairestcat: Oh, Edrington
11:21:17 PM commodorified: uh-huh
11:21:24 PM damned_colonial: and he is smug baby poly boy
11:21:32 PM damned_colonial: "i can totally handle this."
11:21:57 PM damned_colonial: so, around the time he and archie are out riding and E gets shot at...
11:22:03 PM damned_colonial: i think that's when the brick to the head starts to hit
11:22:21 PM damned_colonial: AND that can help me sort out that whole awkward angstfest in the middle section! hurrah!
11:22:26 PM fairestcat: (so, I'm in the middle of shifting files around on my new hard drives and it's making this whole conversation feel somewhat surreal. The new drives are Kennedy and Edrington)
11:22:31 PM damned_colonial: hee!
11:22:36 PM commodorified: *snork*
11:22:47 PM commodorified: and YAY FOR ANGSTFEST
11:22:57 PM damned_colonial: ok, so, emergencies are good for ratcheting up relationship statuses
11:23:01 PM commodorified: oh LOOK, Alexander. There's a PERSON attached to that thing.
11:23:08 PM commodorified: damned_colonial: yes, yes they are.
11:23:14 PM damned_colonial: (just ask me about taking amy to ER with a suspected heart attack at 5am when we'd been dating... oh, weeks)
11:23:33 PM fairestcat: (also, I'm suddenly wishing for a third harddrive to name Cobham)
11:23:50 PM fairestcat: oh god, yeah
11:23:58 PM damned_colonial: ok, so thinking about the shooting.
11:24:30 PM damned_colonial: archie kind of freaks out and limpets onto E straight after
11:24:34 PM damned_colonial: and E limpets right back
11:24:53 PM damned_colonial: and then they both probably go UH OH
11:25:22 PM damned_colonial: huh. this changes the whole angstfest a lot.
11:25:50 PM commodorified: it really does.
11:26:02 PM commodorified: *has bad wuthering heights moment*
11:26:02 PM damned_colonial: ok, so A and E are sucking down a potent cocktail of NRE and OHSHIT.
11:26:38 PM damned_colonial: you know what i would do if i were archie?
11:26:56 PM damned_colonial: which i am not in any way saying archie would do, mind you
11:27:28 PM damned_colonial: but i would run straight to horatio and gut-spill
11:27:49 PM commodorified: Cat, would I do this?
11:27:55 PM commodorified: wait. I think I do do this
11:28:03 PM commodorified: *hides face*
11:28:22 PM damned_colonial: if i am involved with person A and start falling hard for person B, person A is usually the first person to hear about it.
11:28:29 PM commodorified: yep
11:28:40 PM commodorified: mentionitis
11:28:40 PM damned_colonial: and that's not any intentional thing, like trying very carefully to be open and honest
11:28:43 PM damned_colonial: it's just because ... yeah
11:28:46 PM commodorified: yep
11:28:54 PM damned_colonial: need to share. have a receptacle for sharing. *blurt*
11:28:55 PM fairestcat: Yes, Marna, you would totally do this
11:29:02 PM fairestcat: *loves you*
11:29:07 PM commodorified: *deftly inserts pecunium into this conversation, dies of shame*
11:29:09 PM commodorified: um yeah
11:29:17 PM damned_colonial: so would ARCHIE do this?
11:29:19 PM commodorified: *loves you too*
11:29:22 PM commodorified: he'd WANT to.
11:29:24 PM damned_colonial: right
11:29:27 PM damned_colonial: but i think he'd fight it
11:29:31 PM fairestcat: but I'm not sure he would
11:29:34 PM damned_colonial: i mean, we're all openly poly and stuff. that probably helps.
11:29:34 PM commodorified: would he realise?
11:29:35 PM fairestcat: at least not immediately
11:29:49 PM damned_colonial: he's probably been making with the mentionitis for 6 months already
11:29:52 PM commodorified: true
11:30:22 PM damned_colonial: and horatio, bloody stupid or not, is not going to miss the NRE going to alert level orange.
11:30:23 PM commodorified: if he stops, this too will make Horatio suspicious
11:30:31 PM damned_colonial: ha
11:31:15 PM damned_colonial: so, ok
11:31:21 PM damned_colonial: edrington's going to be playing it cool
11:31:39 PM damned_colonial: he doesn't have anyone to be mentiony at
11:31:45 PM damned_colonial: though he probably writes letters to edward
11:32:12 PM damned_colonial: at least in his head, even if he doesn't mail them
11:32:44 PM fairestcat: I thinks somewhere I missed what NRE stands for
11:32:53 PM damned_colonial: new relationship energy
11:33:00 PM fairestcat: ahh, ok
11:33:47 PM damned_colonial: ok, so, situation post-shooting
11:34:01 PM damned_colonial: archie is buzzing with NRE, making googly eyes at E, trying to hide it from H
11:34:20 PM damned_colonial: E is buzzing with NRE but trying to tell himself he's not
11:34:52 PM damned_colonial: H is annoyed at them both, no doubt
11:35:43 PM fairestcat: we seem to have lost the Marna
11:35:54 PM damned_colonial: she's workign on it.
11:36:03 PM fairestcat: ok
11:36:13 PM commodorified: hmm.
okay. so.
horatio, oddly. sort of likes E.
does this make him more tolerant? given that E nearly got his stupid arse shot off?
am i here?
11:36:17 PM commodorified: iz i back?
11:36:28 PM fairestcat: you is back!
11:36:43 PM commodorified: *clings* I iz tipsy
11:36:49 PM damned_colonial: right.
11:36:54 PM damned_colonial: i had a bunch of stuff you missed (pastes)
11:37:50 PM damned_colonial: and yes, i agree that he does like E
11:38:06 PM commodorified: so he's sort of sympathetic with the E not getting shot
11:38:07 PM damned_colonial: i suspect that he's been coming round for hte last couple of days
11:38:10 PM commodorified: yeah
11:38:20 PM commodorified: I mean, E is actually a pretty decent old sock
11:38:39 PM damned_colonial: had pretty much decided, this is ok, it can work, he seems to be respecting me and i should at least *try* to get over my issues
11:39:02 PM damned_colonial: do you feel the looming horror that i feel?
11:39:20 PM damned_colonial: that BSH is going to be the one with sense here
11:39:33 PM commodorified: *screamlet*
11:39:48 PM fairestcat: Oh my God, you're right
11:39:55 PM fairestcat: *iz terrified*
11:40:28 PM damned_colonial: you know that bit in Freedom and Necessity when they finally have sex, and Engels and Mary say, "about bloody time, we're all pleased for you" and James just buries his face and dies of embarrassment?
11:40:42 PM commodorified: HEEEEEE yes
11:40:48 PM damned_colonial: i have that visual of edrington
11:40:56 PM commodorified: *represses remark about pecunium's issues with that book*
11:40:58 PM commodorified: oh GOD
11:41:03 PM commodorified: I mean, um, yes.
11:41:12 PM damned_colonial: i was trying to figure out where the fuck i'd seen it
11:41:28 PM damned_colonial: i was seeing sam west hiding his face, possibly under a newspaper, and couldn't figureo ut what source it was from
11:41:34 PM damned_colonial: then i realised it was F&N, not anything sam's been in
11:41:47 PM commodorified: damned_colonial, I love your brane
11:42:05 PM commodorified: PSA; *izdrunk*
11:42:06 PM commodorified: wups
11:42:11 PM damned_colonial: ok, so, the angstfest is easily sorted, in fact
11:42:13 PM fairestcat: HEE
11:42:22 PM damned_colonial: currently it has horatio going out for a lap of the grounds while A and E talk
11:42:24 PM damned_colonial: then coming back
11:42:28 PM damned_colonial: then the three of them sort shit out
11:42:31 PM commodorified: while they yell
11:42:33 PM commodorified: yep
11:42:42 PM damned_colonial: the mechanics stay the same
11:42:50 PM damned_colonial: the content of the arguments change
11:43:23 PM damned_colonial: the main difference is that when horatio comes back, the boys are *both* twitchy -- not just A
11:43:32 PM damned_colonial: and rather than E and H reassuring A, it's H reassuring E and A.
11:43:45 PM damned_colonial: good lord.
11:44:02 PM commodorified: this is good. this is meaty and complex and cool
11:44:16 PM damned_colonial: i think that echoes interestingly with Fire Sermon btw
11:44:33 PM commodorified: you know? yes
11:44:51 PM commodorified: so now I know why this story had to wait :-)
11:45:14 PM damned_colonial: it had to wait for SO many reasons.
11:45:17 PM commodorified: dammit. it'
11:45:26 PM commodorified: s 3 am and I am kind of blargh
11:45:29 PM damned_colonial: if you'd told me it was because BSH was going to be the one with the poly sense, i would've laughed in your face
11:45:31 PM commodorified: but this is GOOD
11:45:34 PM commodorified: I KNOW
11:45:41 PM commodorified: *I* would have laughed.
11:46:20 PM damned_colonial: you know, he has good poly sense in mutiny and retribution, i think
11:46:39 PM commodorified: true that
11:46:41 PM damned_colonial: i need to get a handle on horatio's poly sense
11:46:52 PM commodorified: he reads Paine
11:47:02 PM damned_colonial: but i think it's a little bit ponderous, a little self-conscious, a little intentional
11:47:05 PM damned_colonial: right.
11:47:35 PM fairestcat: we all would have laughed, but yes, this is right
11:47:37 PM commodorified: borg :-)
11:47:39 PM damned_colonial: he's one of those people who'd mention a new crush because it was the right thing to do, not because he was unable to avoid it
11:47:44 PM commodorified: yep
11:47:58 PM commodorified: paine. blowjobs. it never ends.
11:48:02 PM damned_colonial: and he'd be scrupulously fair.
11:48:11 PM commodorified: which isn't always right but
11:48:15 PM damned_colonial: right.
11:48:32 PM damned_colonial: if he's unfair, it's at his own expense
11:49:41 PM commodorified: which can also be archie's
11:49:44 PM damned_colonial: right.
11:49:49 PM damned_colonial: that's probably his blind spot.
11:49:52 PM commodorified: he never realise he might be wanted
11:49:54 PM commodorified: yep
11:49:59 PM damned_colonial: we see that the first night at sherborne, when he sends A to E
11:50:03 PM commodorified: moron
11:50:11 PM damned_colonial: so in fact
11:50:17 PM damned_colonial: that's another aspect to the angstfest
11:50:36 PM damned_colonial: which is that while BSH is mostly speaking sense, he is tending to do so in a way that's self-deprecating
11:50:43 PM damned_colonial: and the other guys have to say, well, thank you, but --
11:55:15 PM fairestcat: *nods*
11:55:51 PM damned_colonial: good god.
11:55:54 PM damned_colonial: this is terrifying but good.
11:55:58 PM damned_colonial: you ROCK.
11:56:56 PM commodorified: we do? YAY US
11:57:24 PM fairestcat: YAY
11:57:45 PM fairestcat: I was telling Marna earlier that I hadn't even realized how much I really have missed the shared brain we kind of have when it comes to these boys
11:58:14 PM damned_colonial: yay, shared brain
11:58:20 PM damned_colonial: and i really must post this log to atkm_scrapbook